One week left until vacation

We are down to the wire. One week left until we board our 11 our flight to Honolulu. As we await the longest flight of our lives, we contemplate what to pack and what we want to do on our honeymoon. Sure, 11 days in Hawaii sounds like plenty of time for relaxation… but why is it that we have an activity or excursion every day?! We decided we want to do a few hikes, snorkel trips, sightseeing adventures and more. 

This weekend we set out to get our trip necessities… snorkel gear, life jackets, hiking boots, water shoes, backpacks, flashlights, beach towels, sunscreen and lots of aloe! We’re going to need to bring a suitcase to hold all that stuff! Good thing we haven’t started packing yet… 🤷‍♀️. 

LifejacketHiking shoes
We’re so excited for our action packed honeymoon, we’ve been trying to figure out the perfect itinerary, which is quite messy at the moment…

Confusing plan
We’re starting to realize, there’s no perfect plan for Hawaii. All we have to do is stop thinking, relax and enjoy! So that’s what we’re going to do! We planned a few excursions, but other than that we are going to just go with the flow. If you’ve watched our past vlogs… I’m very organized and like to have a plan… so we will see how this “go with the flow” works out!

We’ll keep you updated and stay tuned for our Vlogs after we get back!

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