Here are some of my favorite Walt Disney World travel tips! They can come in handy during your pre-planning, planning and during your trip to Walt Disney World! 

1. Shop on etsy a few months before your trip, you will find amazing Ears, buttons, cozys, etc. my favorites are SweetCozyCafe and AllEarsBoutique. 

2. Think about hiring a travel agent, they’re free and do all the hard work for you. I’m a travel agent and I even give you a free Etsy package with all my favorite items before you go!

2. Plan to visit around the holidays, early December is actually one of the cheapest times of year to visit but they have all the decorations and MVMCP

3. Visit during Halloween! August-October is a great time of year to go. The weather is perfect, and you can go to MNSSHP, where the fireworks are amazing and you get to dress up like your favorite characters!

4. Look for reservations to be our guest around midnight, you might be lucky to snag a morning breakfast reservation because guests cancel and change things around at night. 

5. After you use three fast passes, look on My Disney Experience App for a fourth. 

6. Go on DVC tour for 3 free fast passes and free icecream sundae!

7. While in line, use the app to find the wait times to plan your next ride. 

8. If using disney dining, you always end up with left over snacks.. use them at Epcot for snacks around the world!

9. Also when at Epcot, share a meal and save room so you can try meals in different countries. 

10. You can ask for free ice water throughout the park, don’t get dehydrated!

11. Don’t book a fast pass when the park opens, just run to one of the busier attractions. 

12. Bring a mini tripod and use it as a selfie stick, since selfie sticks aren’t allowed. 

13. Book breakfast before the park opens so you can get amazing photos before the park opens! You can get in an hour before your reservation and the photo pass photographers are usually out!

14. If you don’t buy the memory maker, it’s okay! The photopass photographers are more than happy to take pictures for you with your own camera or smart phone, you just have to ask!

15. Don’t overplan! Make sure you plan one day off from the parks and enjoy going from resort to resort. Christmas time is the best time for resort hopping!

What are your tips? Share them in the comments!!

Hire a travel agent to do the planning for you, so that you can enjoy the trip! Send me an email for a free vacation planning consultation. Booking and planning your vacations with a Simple Travel Solutions travel agent, like myself is always free! I work for an authorized Disney Vacation Planner, so you know your vacation will be planned with the best care and attention to your needs! 

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