The must have WDW accessory: Ears. 

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You know your at Disney when everyone around you has some sort of ears on there head, whether it be the classic Mickey Ears, or some beautiful homemade Minnie ears! 

So let’s talk about ears, the ones you see all over Instagram… 😍 If you are anything like me two years ago — I saw all these cool ears but didn’t know where to get them. So I decided to just be basic and stalk different hashtags until I found an Instagram that had a shop on Etsy. Then my world was blown. There are so many fabulous and unique designers on Etsy that hand craft these ears specially made for you!

So there’s all these Ears to choose from.. now what? I decided to read the reviews. I read through all these pages looking for the teo main factors comfort and quality. Yes, you can see in the pictures the ears are beautiful – but are they comfortable? Are they going to give you a headache after 15 minutes of wearing them? Is your hair going to get all messed up when you take them off? Are they going to fall apart if it rains? Are they durable enough for the rides? Will they last for future trips? So many questions  until I found Ears that met the requirements I had. So I went for it and purchased 3 pairs of Ears that were about $30 each. 

Now it’s time to wait… hopefully they’re going to come intime for the trip. Because if you’d like me, you didn’t start thinking about this until a few weeks before – some shops are closed, or you may have to rush order them. Then you think… I can do this myself right? So you quickly go to YouTube and your closest fabric store and begin grabbing all sorts of fabric. Yeah I’m going to make so many cool Ears. No.. no your not. I tried making my first pair of Ears, they weren’t circular, they took too much time and I had glue all over my fingers. So back to the plan of waiting and hoping the 3 Ears I bought come in time. 

Then when they finally came – I was so exited, do I wear them on the plane? Are they going to bend in my luggage? I ended up sticking all three in my camera bag and brought it on the plane! Makes it easier to put them on when you reach Orlando! Then the next part is a breeze! Just wear your ears all trip and take lots of pictures with them on! From then on, Ears have become a daily Disney accessory for the parks! I enjoy the creativeness of all the different Ears. When you walk around, it’s great to admire that all these small shops and creative individuals get to share there passion with others. That’s what I think makes these accessories so fabulous!

So for my last two trips, I’ve got ears from two different Etsy shops that I would definitely recommend! They have fabulous comfortable ears that last!

December 2016

Both shop owners were super helpful and were great to talk to. I found All Ears Boutique Co. on Instagram last year before our Christmas trip and she made me the beautiful Christmas Mouse Ears that I wore almost every day of the trip! You will see them in all our Instagram pictures and in our December 2016 vlogs that are coming soon!

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