About Us Q&A!

When did you establish your vlog?
We established the idea of our vlog about a year ago, but for a while it was just an idea floating around in our heads. We always enjoyed recording our trips and once we started watching See Ya Reel Soon we realize we should share our videos with others. So the idea of Dis Adventures came to mind when we thought about sharing our Disney Adventures with the YouTube community! Shortly after we decided to start posting our pictures on Instagram and Twitter, then followed our blog with our tips, and reviews. It kind of became an addiction. I love sharing, talking and following others in the Disney community.

What equipment do you use to record your vlogs?
It’s funny, this one actually goes with the ‘when did you start your vlog question’. Our vlog probably would have been started earlier if it wasn’t for such bad audio! We originally started filming with just our GoPro. When we got back from our trip we realized the audio was terrible because of the case on it. I mean the videos amazing.  I do recommend using a go pro if you plan on using background music instead of the go pro audio. Our whole vlog trailer was using the GoPro and selfie stick. Unfortunately the selfie sticks aren’t allowed anymore. But – you can use a gorilla tripod to add distance to the selfie stick. I also use a wrist strap and love to take the selfie stick on rockin roller coaster, although I have no idea why because it’s dark and you can’t see much. Haha.

We also have a Cannon Rebel. We absolutely love it. Sometimes it gets a little foggy in the morning, but once it adjusts to the Florida heat, it works like a charm! I’m thinking about getting a different lense though. Because sometimes you have to stand far away to get a good angle. But all and all. We love our cameras. Recently we started filming with the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7. Even those come out pretty good quality.

Our camera bag has so many compartments and room for everything we need. We always like to pack extra battery’s and Memory cards. You can never have too much memory. We have at least 3 64gb memory cards at all times.

What were your personal highlights of 2016?
Wow 2016 is over and done, for us it was a gap year.. in 2015 we got engaged and 2017 we are getting married. So 2016 was full of wedding planning! We decided to do a fairytale themed wedding, but not at Disney since we have such a large guest list. I decided I’m actually going to start blogging about my wedding planning experience. So stay tuned. Also in 2016, we went on vacation to Jamaica and twice to Disney. You can check out our vlogs for our Summer 2016 trip on our YouTube channel Dis Adventures. We are starting to work on our vlogs from our most recent trip in December! This was Cortney’s first time visiting around Christmas and going to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

Top 5 Favorite Theme Parks?
Uhg this is too difficult. Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Universal, Hollywood, Animal, in that order. Hollywood and Animal may change once the new lands are finished though. But hey after next summer, Disneyland might be in the mix!

Top 5 Favorite Rides?
Rockin Rollercoaster, Toy Story, Buzz, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Tower of Terror

Top 5 Places To Eat?
Crystal Palace, Be Our Guest, Tutto Italiana, Liberty Tree Tavern, Cinderella’s Royal Table

Most anticipated ride or attraction in 2017?
Everything about our Disneymoon!!

If you could pick one themed ride that currently doesn’t exist, what would it be?
It would be really cool to have a 4D simulated ride for Aladdin. (or maybe through of the disney princess storybooks?)

Who are your favorite vloggers?
It really depends on what type of vlog you like to view we personally have a couple different types of vlogs that we watch. There’s news and information vlogs like Mickey Views and there’s trip vlog favorites like See Ya Reel Soon, Happiest Vlogs on Earth, Magic with Mac.


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