So I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on our trip to Disney on October 2015 and thought I should share my experience of what it’s like to get engaged at Disney!

So where should we start? Here’s me mumbling on about the proposal (I was so exited… don’t even know what I’m saying!)


So let’s back track to twenty four hours earlier…

She Said:

It was our first full day of the trip and we had decided to go to Magic Kingdom. I have always really wanted to go to dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table so Brad surprised me and got us reservations! I had read online that if you go to dinner around the time of the Wishes fireworks, you may be able to see the fireworks from inside the castle. There are just a few seats that have this viewing along the windows. So of course I told Brad we must go early and request those seats!

img_0707We spent the morning at Magic Kingdom, where Brad heard me repeatedly saying lets make sure we have enough time to get to Cinderella’s early! The day started off wonderful, we had lunch at my favorite restaurant, Crystal Palace. Then we went back to Pop Century to get ready for dinner. I had put on my little black dress and was ready to go!

When we arrived at the entrance, Brad suggested that I had go find a restroom while he checked us in. Of course, there isn’t really one that close so it took me a while.


He Said:

I sent Cortney to the restroom so I had a chance to talk with the waitstaff and make sure everything was set up for the night. She was taking longer than expected and the woman standing with me asked, “are you sure she’s coming back?” Ha. Made me a little nervous, but of course I knew she was just taking her time and would be back any moment. Cortney really wanted the window seat for the fireworks and has been img_0718-2talking about it all day. Little does she know, that I had already requested that seat months ago.

She finally came back and we entered into the castle. It was amazing, we got to take our pictures with Cinderella and waited for our names to be called. Up the spiral staircase we went.

She Said:

We were greeted by our waiter, Gus. (Ha! Were in Cinderella’s castle and have a waiter named Gus… I can’t help but think of Gus Gus!) I ordered Pan-seared Scallops with a Cabernet Risotto, Port Wine Reduction and Basil Oil for a starter. It was delicious, the best Scallop I’ve had in my life! For our entree, we both decided to try the Beef and Shrimp. It was an amazing grilled beef tenderloin on top of crushed fingerling potato confit and seasoned vegetables, topped with shrimp. All the food was great and I enjoyed every bite of it.

He Said:

The dinner was wonderful, although I couldn’t finish it because I was so nervous. Cortney was getting skeptical because I typically finish eating before her. She went off to look around and when she got back it was time. I had talked to Gus and he was preparing for the proposal.

She Said:

I got back to the table and Gus had come over saying that he would get us a dessert menu. I had looked online that there was so many good desserts. But then I remembered that they make the special chocolate slipper dessert. I tolmk_cindrt_374973409873d Brad I wish we remembered to order that ahead of time because when we had it at Chef Mickey’s it was amazing! Next I saw Gus walking over to our table with a covered silver platter, I was so confused. I literally said out loud, “um what that, we didn’t order dessert yet”. Brad laughed and stood up walking over to me as Gus uncovered the platter. It was covered in rose petals with a glass slipper. Brad then got down on one knee and proposed. I was in awe, I didn’t know what to say or do except nod my head and say yes. Everyone in the entire restaurant was standing up and applauded us. It was incredible. I looked around to see waiters bringing out dessert, the chocolate slipper dessert I wanted! As well as champagne. There was even a photographer there to capture the moments.

He Said:

I was so happy she said Yes! I couldn’t have thought of a better way than to propose to her inside Cinderella’s castle. All of my planning and preparations worked out. I had booked an engagement package while making the reservation and she had no idea. I was so happy that our families were able to keep it a secret so she wouldn’t have expected it coming. The package included the table by the window, the glass slipper with rose petals, champagne, a photo pass photographer and dessert. It was well worth it to capture those moments to look back on.

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She Said:

So that was the start to our Disney Engagement! After we enjoyed our glass of Champagne, Ariel, Snow White and the other princess congratulated us on our true life fairytale. We then enjoyed the fireworks from inside the castle and were so excited to start on our journey towards our happily ever after.



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