Epcot: Illuminations Sparkling Dessert Party

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During our first trip in 2015 we decided to try the Sparkling Dessert Party. Although it was a little pricy, we thought it was worth a shot just to see what it was about because sometimes it’s hard to find a good spot for Illuminations.

That day at Epcot, we started out doing our morning as usual then decided to leave the park and come back for the fireworks. It worked out perfect since we didn’t have to be there really early to get a good spot. We arrived back right around the time the reservation had suggested and we were able to show our confirmation and go into the roped off area by the beginning of the countries (in the past they had it by the UK Pavilion). The area was a lot larger than we thought with two long buffet style tables full of snacks and dessert.


They also had cocktail tables around for people to socialize and enjoy the desserts before and during the show. They had wait staff assisting and refilling the tables as soon as they dessert got low and also cleaning off the cocktail tables frequently. It was a very friendly environment where we could not only enjoy the fireworks but the atmosphere (and dessert!!).

The food was great! There was all different types of desserts. The one downside was that there wasn’t as much representation of dessert from around the world as we thought there would be. But there was a lot of different options!





Another favorite of this dessert party is that wine, champagne, mixed drinks and some non-alcoholic beverage’s were available and included in the price! So you can fill up on some bubbly and really enjoy the show.


When it was time for the fireworks, you found that all of the people in the area begin to either sit on the ground or stand as close as they could to the lake.

Tip: claim a spot close to the lake along the ropes early for the best view. Or claim a table where you can sit in front of it. Maybe even bring a blanket to put on the ground!

Then the show starts, being in prime location in the center of the lake really makes for an amazing viewing of Illuminations with no blocking views. It’s great because they only allow so many tickets to be purchased, so it’s not over crowded. Also, for people vacationing without children, you won’t find many kids here – when we went it was mainly all adults probably due to the price and that they serve alchohol.

So was it worth the money? We think so, but it’s not something we will do every time we go. We definitely enjoyed it and think everyone should experience it at least once. It was an unforgettable experience and I still rave over the desserts!

Thumbs up to make it a part of your Disney Adventures!



Brad & Cortpiq8ypprt

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